Thursday, May 21, 2009


This piece features another combination of 2 images, both found in National Geographic. I have enjoyed pooling together selected areas of a photo onto one surface, to work as a type of collage,
Working this large (9 ft. in width) has given me more freedom to make such decisions. However, this has not been as challenging as the triptych, not as fragmented.
My mentor has stressed the importance of knowing when to embrace the empty space, the void. I think if I were to do this piecee over, I would have left the middle, the water more open, and have left a sliver of the background horizon and sky present.
I feel a consistenty with the figuration of my paintings: Gestures/stance/ posture has everything has ways of denoting rank and alliances. I am currently reviewing these ideas and am excited to blur the connections. However, I feel that I should be defining what exactly the agreement is about or against or for, rather than confusing the viewer furhter.

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