Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right Panel of "Devoid"

While I enjoy using the silhouetted figure, I feel as though I am getting away from that type of depiction in other work. But this piece was an attempt to recreate an earlier painting. I plan to pull out the foreground more- using thick paint strokes for the bricks as well as the wheat in the foreground. I am using wheat, because I was thinking about western expansion while working on this, for some reason.

Left panel of "Devoid"

I feel this is way too muddled with paint and charcoal, I am still playing with different ideas as to how to break this scene open. The brick wall begins to crumble in this panel and the figure is crawling, weakening.

2nd and 3rd panels of tryptich

I recently added the sun, I thought this piece could use some direction of light. I plan to add more distortion to the overall scene, I like haze.

Left panel in triptych

I am still deciphering how to portray the figure. I am thinking a lot about utilizing empty space, but still am interested in using brush strokes to depict that space.

Duane Allman

This is oil on 4 panels, based off of a drawing I posted earlier. This is still in progress with a lot of underpainting showing through, which I would like to utilize.

Diptych with shadows

There is a lot more to see in this piece, but it so underdeveoped that I wanted to crop a lot out for the time being.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1st Opening at Spectrum Studios

Upon moving to Virginia last September, my girlfriend and I found an amazing space that we have converted into a gallery and named after our dog. We are hosting a group exhibit on April, 24th. While this show in particular is based around glass art-in support of the Virginia Hot Glass Art Festival- we will be showing a variety of mediums.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Detail of In progress work.

This is a painting that I recently dug out of hiding. I am using it for a study for larger work. More to come soon.

Small Canvass Painting


smaller panel work

In order to finish a painting a day, I worked with very small panels in order to accomplish marks and create a composition with out making too many decisions. I made these along with a lot of the collages I posted last month. These were great to work on prior to delving into a body of larger scale paintings.

Random Drawing

charcoal, pencil, marker, oil stick,

Random Drawing

Duane Allman

To help escape from my paintings, I enjoy drawing from very random photos, such as this one which is from a fold-out cd booklet from an Allman Bros. CD. Lately Ive been utilizing such as imagery to help draw inspiration. Newspaper images have also been of major interest.

100 Years Ago-Peter Doig

Preliminary work for triptych (3rd panel detail)

For this final, lower within the journey I used the facial appearance of the musician Damien Marley. I am currently appropriating and modifying/improvising images from pop culture, particuallary rock musicians. I am using this as an exercise to remove familiarity from a particular figure. I am doing this with Peter Doig in mind, who used Duane Allman, from the Allman Brothers in his work "100 Years Ago."

Preliminary Triptych (2nd panel)

Preliminary Sketch for triptych, 1st and 2nd panel detail.

Figures moving through a space has always been a major theme in my own figural work. This is an attempt to use the foliage to cut off the clarity of these travellers. I am also further exploring the idea of leaving out information, panel to panel.

Devoid 2 (the other angle)

More stumps.

Devoid 2 (another angle)

Devoid 2 (Night time rendition)

My mentor suggested using devoid as inspiration to make another rendition, in this second piece I chose a darker atmosphere to evoke a night time scene. This is all underdeveloped and the picture quality is staggering, but this technique is helping me see my work from another angle.
While this another version of the earlier piece, I am not limiting myself to everything that took place in that painting, but rather experimenting with some new ideas. For instance, the canvasses are intentionally meeting at an akward position to help achieve a sense of lost information, or a dislocation.

Devoid (detail of 2nd panel)

While there are aspects of this second panel that I would like to adjust, Ive decided to leave it alone.

Devoid (detail of panel 1)

Some may remember this piece from the January residency, it was still in progress at the time. It is called "Devoid," charcoal and oil on 2 canvasses.
Since the residency, I have been working on this panel mainly because of the amount of vacant space. Upon my confusion as to how to fill this void, my mentor suggested utilizing the space, by not filling it with more natural foliage, or manmade elements (stumps, cleared brush, walls), but by leaving more of the canvass alone. I certainly realized that one of my tendencies is to cover the canvass, but lately I am certainly reconsidering this strategy.

New Study.

Just working through some technical issues: perspective, lighting, paint application, narrative. This is most likely a study for something larger... right now it is about 24''x 16''

Please excuse the lousy quality of the picture.

New Triptych

1st and 2nd panels.
Oil and charcoal

New Triptych (In progress)

Charcoal and Oil.
Panels 2 and 3.