Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intense Start

Working from a mixture of photographic image sources has always been of great interest to me. I often use photos that I have taken, or ones I find in National Geographic, The New York Times, or on the street.
The process seemingly gains momentum when images are gathered and deconstructed. While this semesters work has risen from a similar conglomerate of photographic imagery, I began to question that approach more frequently.

My mentor, Angela Dufresne, suggested that the majority of my images had very little to do with myself, and had more to do with "National Geographic Tourism." The selection of photos was just that, lacking imagination.
It also became evident that I was too concerned with the way the painting appeared, how it was structured, what colors were employed, etc. I was encouraged to realize that I am already aware of how the work should "appear," but that I was very uncertain about my subject matter.
I eventually realized that it would be beneficial for me to use images that were more about me and where I come from.

Preliminary Works