Thursday, May 21, 2009


While working on this piece Ive been thinking a lot about the idea of the end of an expedition, for instance, the end of a glorious mountain climb. However, Ive had no interest in realistically depiciting a mountain scape, I would rather have the painting work similarly to a dream, which distorts and excludes information.
I have recieved criticism about this piece, through its stages. A close friend said it was ugly, refering to the color schene. The aim was to create different layers/shades of the color. Even though the criticism was held with high regard, I do not plan on obliterating or erasing the orange. I plan to use that orange carve away asepearte scene within the 1st panel. However, I am interested in the incorporation of an extra color bearing detail that could tie the scene together for a sense of closure and a step away from this stark color scheme.
For this piece I paid attn to some Peter Doig paintings. I also focused on Japanese prints, very liberally, but I enjoy the sense of floating an ungroundedness. Combination of images.

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  1. I can definatly see Peter Doig here- love the flat orange. Looking forward to seeing these in person and catching up soon. Will all of yours dry in time? I'm having some trouble with that