Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ditka's Hybrid Reality

Above: The piece in its early stages. I wanted to create an active enviornment from the start. I was using a images sources that depicted a carnival or a parade, I wanted to transform the function of confetti within my marks.
Detail: The image of the dog is of my Spectrum, yet I decided to leave a certain amount of detail out. Similar to the way I did with Coach Mike Ditka.

The general description is still present. Many of my vieweres were able to figure out who this is. At the same time, a lot of viewers think they know "what kind of " character this is. This deconstruction of idenity is an imporant aspect in the work.

I consider this piece to be an experiment for a larger work. Figures moving within a made up world, a world that can only exist in painting, serves a basis for a lot of last semesters work. There is a lot of built up paint and layering of color within this piece, I want to re-do this with more freshness and transparency.

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